What I value

I value my family and children.                           

I value my community and neighbourhood.

I value the education system and educating people of all ages.

I value member-owned organizations and folks taking their own initiative to better themselves.

I believe it is important to help others, those disenfranchised, homeless, mentally challenged, physically challenged, and simply people without hope.

As I teacher, I valued helping students get through difficult times, in that I had a special program located outside of the regular school setting. Often students found themselves lost and without a clear direction of where to go in life


  1. Cheryl Young

    Steve is a strong supporter of our Foundation, Fibromyalgia Well Spring Foundation plus he is one of our Brick Members, owning two bricks that will be placed at our Housing Project in the near future. Also you can often see him at our Foundation Thrift Shoppe in Aldergrove. He often pops in to our events to show support. It is nice to be supported by the community. Thank you Steve!!!

  2. George Siddle

    if you had to choose a mayor, who is it Kim Richter or Jack froese? no chickening out either Steve…who do you want to see be mayor?

  3. George Siddle

    You say you support the Langley Rivermen, but funny enough I never saw you at even one game last season……

    • MichaelR

      I am usually in the office talking with Roy, Mandy, and Taylor Henderson
      I wear their jacket where ever I go and support them at community events and activities.
      Unfortunately, I am NOT at every Rivermen game

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