The Following is a start to an affordable housing plan that I can stand behind.

On Monday, May 07, Township council considered a motion to
“Proceed with a Needs Assessment” regarding Affordable housing options.
Hopefully, this study will come back for Public Review sooner than later.
With the cost of housing at all levels, this is a HUGE challenge however, I am a big believer in bringing parties together for the betterment of the community.

If business folks and developers ( including Churches and other organizations) can see a genuine VALUE in providing the necessary MIX of housing types, the process (perhaps) can come to fruition. BUT it won’t be easy!

The Provincial government has announced a National Housing strategy, the Province has done the same, Metro Vancouver already has housing projects, and now local governments are getting involved.

The key thing is to get the necessary land parcels identified early on to actually achieve the money made available from governments. Other communities will be competing for that money as well, and Langley doesn’t want to be left behind.

There are indeed government parcels spread out through the community that could be made available for housing needs, particularly Subsidized housing for young families and seniors. (The Canadian Forces base in Aldergrove is over 1000 acres)

Local governments can help out by reducing the costs of fees, Development Charges, and taxes. (the Township is already exploring this measure)

Other steps involve the general Real Estate market, where Land Owner’s can provide Lower housing costs for families that qualify.

Langley actually has a mix of housing types already in existence.

1. Housing Co-ops

2. Kinsmen and other service group housing

3. Co-Housing projects

4. Other housing accommodations through not for profit organizations

5. Church projects including one in the works at The Shepard of the Valley church in Willoughby

Now is the time to draw in the necessary partners and begin the process of providing the much needed Affordable Housing projects to the families and Seniors who really need it!